Precision viticulture

Precision viticulture is precision farming applied to optimize vineyard performance, in particular maximizing grape yield and quality while minimizing environmental impacts and risk.

This is accomplished by measuring local variation in factors that influence grape yield and quality (soil, topography, microclimate, vine health, etc.) and applying appropriate viticulture management practices (trellis design, pruning, fertilizer application, irrigation, timing of harvest, etc.)

Precision viticulture is based on the premise that high in-field variability for factors that affect vine growth and grape ripening warrants intensive management customized according to local conditions. Precision viticulture depends on new and emerging technologies such as global positioning systems (GPS), meteorologicand other environmental sensors, satellite and airborne remote sensing, and geographic information systems (GIS) to assess and respond to variability.

Spezia has developed two vineyard machines for precision viticulture:

  • Leaf Stripper Mod. 111 VRT – Variable Rate Technology


    The 111 VRT leaf-stripper has been devised to enable controlled working in the vineyard, not removing leaves in a uniform way, as with all the previous equipment, but controlled depending on the higher or lower presence of vegetation in different parts of the same vineyard.

  • Variable Rate Spreader Mod. 150 VRT “Claudio Pontremolesi”

    fertilizer spreader variable rate for vineyards

    The variable rate fertilizer spreader for precision viticulture: better agronomical practice because the land is treated according to its needs, with the aim of obtaining vegetative uniformity that favours mechanization and therefore a rise in quality and a reduction in costs at the same time.

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