Ecological thermal weed-killing system with hot foam


The “Schiumone”  (Big Foam)  is an  ecological thermal weed-killing machine for vineyards and tree crops in general, able to produce hot foam and distribute it a targeted way under the rows of the trees. When the temperature of the vegetable fiber exceeds 60° occurs the collapse of the proteins and within a few days the drying of the same.
Since the foam has an insulating effect, the heating induced on the grass is maintained for the time of dissolution of the same foam.
This allows to proceed with acceptable speed in order to handle a great variety of vineyards surfaces.

Schiumone starts the engineSchiumone starts the engine

The foam used is derived entirely from vegetables fibers produced by a farm under organic management and made under the specifications of Tecnovict.
This will allow to face the weed control process in an environmentally responsible way for companies in an organic farming regime.

Video of Ecological thermal weed-killing system with hot foam in working

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