Vine Leaf Stripper Mod. 111 AA and AA-Rev

The most advanced in the industry

  • Canopy tracking, approaching and withdrawing speed to/from the bunches and amount of leaves to be removed are customisable. The only machine able to compete with manual processing – as it can be used even when the grapes are ripe.

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Wide working time window

  • From the earliest stages to just days before harvesting, the machine will ensure outstanding performance in terms of homogeneous work and gentle handling of the grapes.

Eyelid sensor

  • Communicates the exact roller distance from the canopy to the on-board computer.

Leaf stripping rollers

  • Their shape and size have been specially designed to remove leaves in amounts proportional to their rotation speed.

Leaf stripping parameters

  • In just a few seconds all the machine working parameters can be adjusted. Use the + and – buttons to adjust the leaf stripping power even during work.

Motor-driven rotation fifth wheel

  • Smooth, precise right-left rotation, jolt-free on changing gradients. It also accurately adjusts the working head angle with respect to the canopy.

Safety limit switch

  • Avoids excessive and unnecessary tilting of the machine.

Leaf stripping rollers reverser

  • Ours is the first machine equipped with a button for reversing the direction of rotation to eject waste..

Inlet oil filter

  • Guarantees maximum reliability by removing any impurities.

Work range: 45 or 55 cm.
Side shift: 50 cm.
Vertical shift: 50 cm.
Stripping roller speed: from 150 to 600 rpm.
Leaf stripping head speed towards canopy: variable
Weight: 210 Kg.
Required hydraulic flow: 40 l/min
Hydraulic unit with heat exchanger: recommended

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