Vineyard equipment

Spezia staff projects and produces agriculture and vine-growing machines under the brand Tecnovict. All machines and implements are fully produced in our headquarters in Pianello Val Tidone in the northern part of Italy (province of Piacenza). Technological innovation, high quality materials and a deep knowledge of vine-growing necessities guide our work to offer a wide range of quality products.

Tecnovict vineyard machines and implements

  • Ecological thermal weeding system with hot foam

    Ecological thermal weeding system

    Click here to download the brochure The “SCHIUMONE” (Big Foam) is a new and promising project for a more environmentally respectful agriculture. The hot foam, which is generated by our machine, during its deposition on the ground above 70°C causes the denaturation of the proteins in the blades of grass, with ...

Leaf strippers

  • Vine Leaf Stripper Mod. 111 AA and AA-Rev

    111 02

    The most advanced in the industry Canopy tracking, approaching and withdrawing speed to/from the bunches and amount of leaves to be removed are customisable. The only machine able to compete with manual processing – as it can be used even when the grapes are ripe. Click here to download the brochure Wide working ...

  • ALS 2020 Leaf Picker – Automatic Leafpicking and Storage 2020


    “Technical Innovation” Award at EIMA (International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition) in Bologna, Italy At the most important contest of technical innovations for agriculture held in Italy, the manufacturer TECNOVICT, based in Pianello Val Tidone (Piacenza), was awarded a prize (its seventh!) for its machine designed to pick and store grapevine leaves – ...

  • Vine Leaf Stripper Mod. 111 Alba

    111 ALBA 1 LR

    This version introduced in 2019 stems from the need to work in rows arranged in a giropoggio with strong transverse slopes. This is the typical situation of the Langa vineyards, from which the most legendary Piedmontese wines are born: Barbaresco and Barolo. The work head is equipped with an additional ...

  • Mention Award at EIMA International 2018 for “HELP” MODULE


      The Vine leaf stripper 111AA is the first tractor-mounted vineyard machine to be implemented by a remote connection module in both Wi-Fi and GPRS technology. It can communicate with the company Wi-Fi network or with a smartphone, being within the range, it can communicate, by means of data telephony in ...

  • Leaf Stripper Mod. 111 VRT – Variable Rate Technology


    The 111 VRT leaf-stripper has been devised to enable controlled working in the vineyard, not removing leaves in a uniform way, as with all the previous equipment, but controlled depending on the higher or lower presence of vegetation in different parts of the same vineyard.

Precision fertilizer spreader

Tooth-blade trimmers

  • Tooth-Blade Trimmers Mod. 106 – 220 – 406


    A machine in step with the times Climate change requires canopy management based on fewer trimmings and it is essential to obtain a clean and precise cut that minimises the risk of pathogen infections, and particularly of the esca disease. Our cutting system, based on the tooth-blade technology with guillotine cutting, ...

  • Pruner machine for orchards Mod. 106 F

    nocciole 1 compr

    Click here to download the brochure Hydraulic machine with high quality “SCH Schumacher” tooth blade system. It can boast great safety in compared to circular saw systems. Its simplicity and constructive robustness make it economical to purchase and manage. The cutting system allows to cut very hard branches with great cutting ...

  • Trimmer model 220T

    Vineyard trimmer Tecnovict 220T

    A simple machine to trim in full safety both sides of the vineyard row to the right of the tractor. The strong chassis is also protected from the possibility of collision with poles hidden by vegetation by using a safety device and the sidebars uses the tooth-blade system.

High-speed blades trimmer

  • High Speed Blades Side Trimmer 480

    High Speed Blades Side Trimmer 180

    Click here to download the brochure This vineyard trimmer is the doubled version of our 180 model and preveserves the many advantages introduced: lower control of movements, high visibility in the front of the tractor, great working speed. With this machine you are able to trim contemporarily both right and left side ...

  • High Speed Blades Side Trimmer 180

    High Speed Blades Side Trimmer 180

    The Trimmer mod.180 with high speed blades: The blades are brought to a speed of 3000 revolution per minute and even in absence of a fixed reference, they are able to cut with efficiency even when the forward speed of the tractor is very high. It ensures a good quality ...

  • Trimmer model 280


    The maximum efficiency and speed of work with a simple machine to trim in full safety both sides of the row at the right of the tractor. This vineyard trimmer uses the high-speed blades system, the most performant from the point of view of the operational capacity in hours per ...

Vine binders

  • Binder Mod. 105

    vine binder tecnovict

    This machine delicately lifts falling shoots falling towards the center of the row, gathering and bounding them to the row structure. One can operate on a single side of the row (the right one). The binding is done with polypropylene (or other type) twine, tied in advance to the head ...

  • Rewinder Machine model 115


    This machine is the ideal complement for the binder machine in our production as the ones of others brands. It allows to quickly recover polypropylene yarn stretched by a binder machine during trellising falling shoots.

Other machines

  • Chemical Desuckering Machine Mod. 116


    The chemical desuckering machine mod.116 is suitable for desuckering vineyards with espalier training systems. It carries out this task by applying a liquid containing a drying solution to the lower part of the plant.

  • Vineyard Prepruner Mod. 140

    Vineyard prepruner equipment

    The vineyard Tecnovict prepruner Mod.140 is a very simple, versatile and economical machine with tooth-blade system cutting mechanisms

  • Wire Dispenser

    Vineyard wire dispenser

    This is a very useful dispenser for metallic wires to be applied into the vineyads. It can be used both with rolls or spools. An adjustable brake prevent undesired excessive rotation of the dispenser. It is preview the mounting on a tractor. The maximum numer of elements is four per ...

  • Stake driver Mod. 102

    Stake driver for vineyard

    This stake driver is a versatile machine to install vineyard trellis both for maintenance of existing structures and in new vineyard planting and establishment of new systems also on hill vineyards on steep inclines

  • Hedge-cutting bars

    Hedge-cutting bars

    Our cutting bar enables you to cut branches of up to 3 cm in diameter, even very hard wood. The particularly robust structure is based on the use of special steel with a high yield point. All the teeth and blades are bolted and not nailed, making maintenance particularly quick ...