Precision fertilizer spreader with electronic control CP “Claudio Pontremolesi” based on Technology 4.0

Fertilizer spreader for localised surface or subsurface spreading, driven by the tractor hydraulic system and controlled at fixed or variable doses for precision viticulture

CP 180 at work


The dose of fertilizer to be delivered can be programmed from the CSS 220 console.

The CP fertilizer spreader is a machine suitable for fertilizing vineyards proportionally to the travelling speed and optionally, on a variable rate basis.

Dose delivery consistency is guaranteed by an automatic fertilizer dispensing control system.


An outstandingly accurate rev counter

The fertilizer product (which must be granular or in pellets) is conveyed through rotary distributors where a well-identified amount of fertilizer is loaded into each cell. The controlled rotation speed of these distributors leads to efficient instantaneous flow delivery regardless of the speed of the tractor and of the amount of fertilizer in the hopper. The electronic rev counter allows the actual machine delivery to be instantly monitored.

Hydraulic supply must come from the tractor at a constant hydraulic flow rate of at least 20 l/min.
If the desired dose in Kg/ha and the working width (data entered by the operator), the travelling speed and the rotation speed of the distributors (detected by the sensors), and the amount of fertilizer dispensed by the distributors at each revolution (obtained through the calibration procedure) are known, the on-board electronics will deliver the correct voltage to the proportional solenoid valve to adjust the rotation of the distributors so as to dispense the desired quantity of fertilizer. Operating this machine is very straightforward via a three-position lever control.


All that the tractor driver needs to operate this machine

The operator can increase or decrease the prescribed quantity at will while the fertilizer spreader is running, by just pressing the + or – buttons on the control console.

The fertilizer spreader can be equipped with a 4.0 module which allows fertilizer dose delivery to be controlled directly from the company computer system, and reports on the work actually carried out, course tracking and work time information to be received. These features are completed by a remote troubleshooting service.

This feature is based on precision agriculture requirements, according to which plots of land should not be treated homogeneously but on the basis of specific needs in the different portions of each plot.
The fertilizer spreader is therefore set up to have an optional control system which, during operation, compares its geographical position with the prescription map and indicates the instant dose to be applied to the on-board controller.

The optional console to which the prescription maps of the fertilizer to be spread must be uploaded

If the tractor is equipped with ISOBUS technology, electronic specifications by the DICKEY-john manufacturer can be installed.

TIPO CP110 CP130 CP150 CP180 CP190
DISTANZA ASSOLCATORI 1100 1300 1600 1800 2000
MASSA Kg 110 130 150 180 200
FLUSSO IDRAULICO MIN l/min 20 20 20 20 20
PRESSIONE ESERCIZIO bar 100 100 100 100 100
ALTEZZA mm 1730 1730 1730 1730 1730
LARGHEZZA mm 1300 1500 1700 2000 2200
LUNGHEZZA mm 1350 1350 1350 1350 1350
CAPIENZA SERBATOIO litri 570 700 850 850 1000

This machine is named after Claudio Pontremolesi, a genuine, unforgettable friend, general manager of Antinori Agricola and unwavering supporter of this then futuristic project.

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