Stake driver Mod. 102

Stake driver for vineyardThis machine is particularly versatile and suited to the needs of vine-growing companies that must perform maintenance on systems that are already in use, as well as create new structures.

The machine lets the damaged stake be replaced with a special chain or with a handy optional clamp.

The assembly is effected from the side with a caterpillar tractor. The machine is equipped with hydraulic adjustments for the longitudinal and transversal inclines, so it can be used on hill vineyards on steep inclines.

The pressing/extracting stroke is 105 cm and the maximum length of the stakes that can be handled without modifications reaches 3.50 meters.

As an optional accessory, a convenient conveyor is installed above the pressing plate that can correct the position of the pressing point with a 25 cm. stroke, preventing the tractor operator from having to perform manoeuvres to correct the tractor position.

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