Vine Leaf Stripper Mod. 111 Alba

This version introduced in 2019 stems from the need to work in rows arranged in a giropoggio with strong transverse slopes. This is the typical situation of the Langa vineyards, from which the most legendary Piedmontese wines are born: Barbaresco and Barolo. The work head is equipped with an additional inclination to make up for the unusual position of the tractor and the rows.

The sacred respect towards the bunches of nebbiolo destined for these expensive wines has always made us opt for late puffing carried out strictly by hand, but the proverbial delicacy of our machine has ended up unhinging this dogma: respect for the fruit comparable only to that of the hands. has been able to combine the ability to carry out this operation with enormous timeliness.

In light of today’s climate changes, which are often sudden, and careful management of the vineyard, it is essential to have the possibility to react promptly with cutting-edge tools such as this.

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