Vineyard Prepruner Mod. 140

Vineyard prepruner equipmentThe vineyard prepruner Mod.140 is a very simple, versatile and economical machine with tooth-blade system cutting mechanisms.

Created for small companies, it is possible to mount it onto the same framework as our cutting machines as well as most of those on the market. It is mounted at the front of the tractor and, thanks to the hydraulic movements controlled by the tractor driver from the console, the framework can be used even in the most difficult hilly conditions. In fact, the following movements are possible:

  • Upward movement: 600 mm.
  • Lateral movement: 300 mm.
  • Transverse angle with respect to advance: +/- 20°.

The possible configurations are with two or three horizontal bars that must be set at a height between the wires in the vineyard. The distance between the blades is easily adjusted.

The re-entry of the blades in proximity of the stakes can be controlled by the operator by means of a hydraulic cylinders that controls the retraction. If this should not happen the blades can re-enter in any case thanks to a safety system of gas springs placed on each blade.

As for all our machines, there are high-quality electro-hydraulic controls for tractors with cabins.

Vineyard prepruner equipment