Tooth-Blade Trimmers Mod. 106 – 220 – 406

A machine in step with the times

  • Climate change requires canopy management based on fewer trimmings and it is essential to obtain a clean and precise cut that minimises the risk of pathogen infections, and particularly of the esca disease. Our cutting system, based on the tooth-blade technology with guillotine cutting, helps to achieve this goal. It enables better forward speeds than the traditional twin-blade systems and combines zero maintenance requirements, sturdy construction and user friendliness thanks to the use of high quality materials and components. The same cutting technology is also available on tunnel and right/left sided models.

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Cutting blades

  • Guillotine tooth/blade system with bolt-on cutting section for quick maintenance.

Safety against impacts

  • The cutting bars are protected from impacts against the ground by efficient gas springs..

Electro-hydraulic controls

  • Blocks made to our technical specifications using HydraForce US solenoid valves. A unique monobloc system carries out the filtration of the incoming oil, blocking any impurities. The control joystick

Versatility – allowing use with every vine training system

  • Wide hydraulic inclination and horizontal and vertical linear shifting potential. Possibility of mechanically moving the position of the cutting devices to the edge of the frame.

Anti-seize system

  • All the frame sliding movements are based on anti-friction systems that are easy to adjust and maintain, consisting of special silicon steel plates and adjustable and greasable bronze blocks.


Conveyor for falling shoots

  • Designed to reach the shoots that are near the piles and convey them safely into the cutting parts, this machine is the preferred choice for non-trellised vegetation training.


  • Top canopy cutting is ensured by a 0.86 m topping device with hydraulic tilting for lifting and re-insertion system with gas spring in the event of accidental impact against piles

106 220 406
Vertical cutting bar: 1,65 – 1,95 (m) 1,48 – 1,80 (m) 1,65 – 1,95 (m)
Required hydraulic flow: 20 – 30 (l/min) 20 – 30 (l/min) 20 – 30 (l/min)
Weight without accessories: 145 kg 270 kg 350 kg
Height shift: 500 mm 600 mm 500×2 mm
Side shift: 300 mm 800 mm 500×2 mm
Transverse inclination : +/-35° +/-20° +35°/-15°
Number of hydraulic movements: 4 3 8
Electro-hydraulic controls: opt. standard standard
Shoots conveyor: opt. opt. opt.
Rear hydraulic power unit: opt. opt. opt.

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