Trimmer model 220T

A simple machine to trim in full safety both sides of the vineyard row to the right of the tractor

The strong chassis is also protected from the possibility of collision with poles hidden by vegetation, this is possible by using a safety device that allows the rotation of the whole horizontal part of the chassis around a pin placed at the top of the vertical column and its return in position once raised the head and overcome the obstacle. A whisker rubber reference allows the operator to trim safely keeping the canopy equidistant from the centerline of the row. The sidebars uses the tooth-blade system, banner of our company, while the topping is rotary.


Technical Features:

Cutting bars work width: from 1,50 to 2,10 m

Hydraulic movements: 2 + optional inclination

Cutting bars vertical height: 1,48 – 1,80 m.

Topping: from 0,65 to 0,75 m adjustable

Electro-hydraulic controls: standard

Independent Hydraulic unit: optional

Video demonstration



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