Pruner machine for orchards Mod. 106 F

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Hydraulic machine with high quality “SCH Schumacher” tooth blade system. It can boast great safety in compared to circular saw systems. Its simplicity and constructive robustness make it economical to purchase and manage. The cutting system allows to cut very hard branches with great cutting quality up to diameters of about 3.5 centimeters as well as to clearly split even very small branches. Available in versions for apple orchard but easily adaptable to other tree cultivations carried out in rows. The electro-hydraulic controls with joysticks are available as optionals (mandatory for tractors) and the hydraulic control unit mounted on the lift.

For systems with anti-hail nets it is possible to mount a topping with two hydraulic movements.

Technical features:

Vertical cutting bar: from 2.45 to 3.00 m.
Horizontal cutting bar: from 0.86 to 1.65 m.
Max cutting diameter: cm. 3.5
Required hydraulic flow rate: 20 to 45 l / min
Weight: 180Kg.
Height shift: 800 mm.
Lateral displacement: 500 mm.
Transverse inclination compared to advancement: +/- 25 °.
Electro-hydraulic controls: optional


Topping due spost

Topping with two hydraulic movements for systems with anti-hail nets


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